Log your journeys

Be a Travelogr, come on board!


For the trip that you are taking
there’s the app

All you have to do is activate GPS and have a good eye with landscapes to turn your trip into a unique story
The Travelogr system tracks your movements live by automatically generating a map of your itinerary exactly how you want it with photos and texts.
The app will be free.

Post and forget!
Finding a connection or signal bars is no longer a problem

Travelogr collects your posts and adapts photos to reduce and minimize the amount of band and battery consumption. It will automatically publish them as soon as you find a suitable connection, maintained in tact and keeping the chronological order intact.

For who wants to travel with you without actually coming with you,
there’s your personal page

With your authorization, your friends, acquaintances, family, co-workers and general followers, will be able to connect to your Travelogr page to see where you are, how far you have gone, how much farther you have to go and what you are seeing.
The web site will be free.

For your next trip
there’s the website

May it be the Great Wall by horseback, California with 5 children or a tour of Puglia by bicycle, with Travelogr you can find people who have already been on your trip.
Discover destinations and routines, but also take suggestions and recommendations from other people’s travels if you intend on making last minute travel changes!

Wherever your trip, whatever you ride,
TRAVELOGR travels with you.